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Corporate Pitch Series

A special stage for startups to pitch their sustainability solutions to corporates who will provide insights into current market needs and direct feedback on use cases. Corporates can watch out for innovations that could value-add to their existing value chain of reducing carbon footprint.


Each 80-minutes session features ~4 startups from one of the industry sectors below. Attend the session(s) of your choice and help jury the startups with other corporate experts in the sustainability council. Corporate experts will help shortlist the top 18 startups that are fundraising to enter C-shark Tank proper where they will meet VC jury and C-shark angel investors.


Sustainability Startups

GreenPod Labs

Founded: 2019 (India)
Founder: Deepak Rajmohan
Focus: Extend shelf life of fresh produce

Biteback Biotechnology

Founded: 2019 (Singapore)
Founder: Mushab Nursantio
Focus: Sustainable oil

Renbloc AB

Founded: 2019 (Sweden)
Founder: Nils Söderström
Focus: Energy consumption and traceability


Founded: 2018 (Great Britain)
Founder: Giovanna Laudisio
Focus: Eco-friendly microbeads


Founded: 2014 (Germany)
Founder: Dr. Martin Schichtel, Dr. Susanne König
Focus: Energy storage

FLITE Material Sciences Corp.

Founded: 2018 (Canada)
Founder: Dan Cohen
Focus: Industrial material surface protection

Conscious Container

Founded: 2017 (United States)
Founder: Caren Mcnamara
Focus: Beverage bottling


Founded: 2018 (Spain)
Founder: Alejandro Grases Ricardo Ayala
Focus: Steel waste upcycling


Founded: 2018 (France)
Founder: Stephan Savarese
Focus: Construction material

Fortuna Cools

Founded: 2018 (Philippines)
Founders: David Cutler, Tamara Mekler
Focus: Storage (insulation)


Founded: 2018 (Singapore)
Founder: Hasan Basri Tosun, Yiğitcan Yeşilata, Fatih Aykut Yıldırım
Focus: Indoor air quality

Mi Terro

Founded: 2018 (United States)
Founder: Robert Luo
Focus: Alternative packaging


Founded: 2019 (Singapore)
Founder: Ishaan Gupta
Focus: Gas leakage detection

Distinctive Action

Founded: 2020 (Hong Kong)
Founders: Flavien Chaussegros
Focus: Alternative packaging


Founded: 2016 (Chile)
Founder: Francisco Palma
Focus: Fruit life extension


Founded: 2015 (UK)
Founder: Vladislav Perunov Perunov
Focus: Industrial wastewater purification


Founded: 2016 (Germany)
Founder: Nikita Gulin
Focus: Farm microclimate intelligence

Founded: 2015 (United States)
Founder: Charles Yhap
Focus: AI recyclables sorting


Founded: 2019 (India)
Founder: Vaibhav Anant
Focus: Plastic packaging alternative

Gelatex Technologies

Founded: 2019 (UK)
Founder: Mari-Ann Meigo Fonseca
Focus: Bio-based nanofibre production


Founded: 2017 (Netherlands)
Founder: Adriano Desideri Emiliano Casati
Focus: Powering of greenhouse farms

Supplant Foods

Founded: 2019 (India)
Founders: Chirag Sabunani, Paresh Shah
Focus: Plant based protein


Founded: 2014 (Netherlands)
Founder: Bart van der Woerd
Focus: Self healing concrete tech

Carbon Upcycling

Founded: 2014 (Canada)
Founder: Apoorv Sinha
Focus: CO2 derived materials

Ambit Robotics

Founded: 2019 (Australia)
Founder: Paul Voutier
Focus: Efficient crop spraying


Founded: 2019 (Singapore)
Founders: Karen Cheah
Focus: Biodegradable packaging from food waste


Founded: 2020 (Norway)
Founders: Natasha Janković
Focus: Reusable logistic packaging


Founded: 2016 (Singapore)
Founder: Andre Stolz
Focus: Wastewater treatment

FireVisor Systems

Founded: 2018 (Singapore)
Founders: Surbhi Krishna Singh, Long Hoang
Focus: Reduce production failure

Magorium Pte. Ltd.

Founded: 2019 (Singapore)
Founders: Chuxian Oh, Adriel Ng
Focus: Upcycled construction material


Founded: 2011 (United States)
Founder: Tinia Pina
Focus: Food waste management


Founded: 2017 (Canada)
Founder: Natalia Mykhaylova
Focus: Clean air


Founded: 2017 (Belgium)
Founder: Noman Ahmed
Focus: Waste management


Founded: 2016 (United States)
Founders: Andrew Shearer, Jean-Paul Kyrillos, Suma Reddy
Focus: Smart indoor farming

Sophie's BioNutrients

Founded: 2017 (Singapore)
Founders: Eugene Wang, Kirin Tsuei, Barnabas Chan
Focus: Alternative protein

Iterate Labs

Founded: 2018 (United States)
Founder: Jason Guss
Focus: Industry 4.0 workforce productivity

Strong Room

Founded: 2017 (Australia)
Founders: Max Mito, Kieran Start
Focus: AI drugs management platform

Umami Meats

Founded: 2020 (Singapore)
Founders: Mihir Pershad
Focus: Alternative seafood

Mushroom Material

Founded: 2020 (New Zealand)
Founder: Shaun Seaman
Focus: Alternative packaging

Iterate Labs

Founded: 2018 (United States)
Founder: Jason Guss
Focus: Industry 4.0 workforce productivity


Founded: 2019 (Singapore)
Founder: Travin Singh
Focus: Upcycling food waste into beverage


Founded: 2018 (Sweden)
Founder: Alexander Palin
Focus: IoT wireless irrigation


Founded: 2018 (Singapore)
Founder: Kush Agarwal
Focus: Smart predictive maintenance

Nido Robotics

Founded: 2020 (Singapore)
Founder: Roy Petter Torgersen
Focus: Monitoring of underwater assets

Sustainability & Innovation Experts